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Gift Certificates

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Please use the BOOKNOW BUTTON ABOVE to schedule appointments online or purchase gift certificates, MassageBook online system is secure and will guide you as you book a session or purchase a gift certificate.

.In Balance In Control does offer gift certificates sold individually or in packages as follows:

Gift Certificate Packages


Package I (3 Sessions)

Package II (5 Sessions)

Package III (10 Sessions)

Package IV (15 Sessions)

Package V (20 Sessinons)

Package I,  involves 3 sessions which would mean that the first 2 sessions be at the price of the session selected ,and the 3rd session be at half price

(ie. 1 hour Swedish Massage the first two sessions would be  $50 per session and the 3rd session would be $25). The total would be $125 for the 3 sessions.


Packages may vary in price depending on number of sessions and selection of massage session desired during purchase. Every 5th session will receive a 25% discount.

A good example would be an individual that purchased Package IV. They would receive a 25% discount on the 5th session, 50% discount on the 10th session, 75% on the 15th session and 100% or free massage on the 20th session.

For additional details on gift certificates or services, please call (214) 536-2955 or send an e-mail to

In Balance In Control has the abilily to accept credit card purchases for sessions or purchasing of gift cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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